About us

Bolvent was founded in 1991 in Bages, a region at the heart of Catalonia. Our first enterprise was dedicated to confectionery, from our base in Manresa.

A few years later, with the arrival of new staff, we were able to expand to the preparation and sale of mushrooms and truffles, initially fresh, then frozen, dehydrated and conserved, enabling us to sell this very seasonal product throughout the year.

In 2002 we moved to our new and current home in Valls de Torruella, from where we have enjoyed a steady growth, with quality customer service at the heart of our operations.

Our base at Valls de Torruella

Our most important resource is our employees. Those who have been with us from the very beginning and those that have accompanied us on our path have ensured our growth, and our hope and optimism for the future. 


Continued technological improvements and investment and training of our staff,  gives us a strong base for the future.