While the sale of mushrooms and truffles has always been our aim from the very beginning of our company Bolvent (Bolets Ventura), we started off focused on our Confectionary department.

After a few years and ensuring the commercial viability of developing both departments, we commenced the preparation and sale of mushrooms and truffles. 

This venture has proved its worth now as a major part of our company, ensuring our growth and consolidation as a distributor in this sector, both at a national and European level.

In the last few years the culture in the gastronomical world has facilitated the consumption of these products and we have specialised in the presentation of our variety of products, be they fresh, dehydrated or frozen, guaranteeing our quality of service to our customers throughout the whole year.

With our Ventura brand we offer naturally conserved dehydrated mushrooms, without the use of artificial additives.

Our love of nature means that over the years we have dedicated ourselves to the careful production of our products. From their preparation in the Bages region, they arrive on the table guaranteeing a world of flavours on the plate.


Ventura mushrooms: from the wood to your table, free from artificial additives