Specialists in fresh truffles

"Il y a deux races de mangeurs de truffes, l’une qui croit que les truffes sont bonnes parce qu’elles sont chères, l’autres qui sait qu’elles sont chères parce qu’elle sont bonnes." (Jean-Louis Vaudoyer)

"There are two types of person who eats truffles, one who believes that truffles are good because they are expensive, the other knows that they are expensive because they are good." (Jean-Louis Vaudoyer)



When November arrives at Bolvent, the aroma of fresh truffles permeates to all corners of our company, right through to March, when our winter season ends for the year, and with it our sale of our fresh truffle, known as the black gold (Tuber Melanosporum). 

The truffle is a funghi that grows alongside the roots of the oak and hazelnut tree, amongst others, after a period of rain. Collecting and selling truffles is a mysterious occupation, even for those dedicated to it. They can be found about 30cm underground. With their sense of smell, pigs are good truffle hunters, although we use dogs these days. A specialist ‘truffle dog’ is great treasure and companion.

The aroma of truffles makes it so special and mysterious. This quality along with the limited supply and difficulty of its collection means its price varies greatly. Its use in cooking is unlimited, with meats, stews or freshly sliced with toast and a quality oil, releases an incomparable world of flavours.